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13 June 2009 @ 06:38 pm
Family Outing  
Lately I've been watching Family Outing, and I have so much fun watching them and laughed so hard for minutes at a time. Aahh, Korean Entertainment ^__^

What I realize from watching so many episodes is their diet, very healthy. If anyone has watched the episodes, they typically boil the water in a pot, and dump whatever content into it. Be it vegetables or even meat. That said, they use very little to virutally no oil at all.

Unlike let's say Chinese food, we usually fry or even stirfry/panfry our food. The only thing in Family Outing which they do a lot is use a lot of ramensoup base aka MSG in their food hahaha. But I do think Korean Food is very healthy. No wonder when SJM stayed in China for a year, they commented they couldn't get used to the amount of oil in Chinese food.

Now I know why, it's because they use no oil most of the time. And eating spicy is good for the metabolism. Anyway, it's almost my birthday soon. I'll be 23 years old in less than two weeks. Gawd, I feel old .___.